About Us

The Language Policy and Practice Lab is a new lab, created by Dr. Peter De Costa, within Michigan State University’s Department of Linguistics, Languages, and Cultures. The mission of the lab is to create a space for students and faculty who share an interest in language policy, and policy practices, to share research and resources. Information about all of our events, upcoming and previous, can be found above.

Upcoming Spring 2022 Events

Irina Zaykovskaya, Ph.D.
Visiting Research Scholar
Sociolinguistics Lab

When native language is a matter of choice: The linguistic situation in Ukraine before and during the War

April 18
3-4 PM
Wells Hall B324
https://msu.zoom.us/j/94778197973Meeting ID: 947 7819 7973 Passcode: 980836

Wayne Wright, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Programs, and Faculty Development
Professor and Barbara I. Cook Chair of Language & Literacy
College of Education
Purdue University

Talk for the College of Education, Teacher Education 

February 24th
In this presentation, Dr. Wayne E. Wright will highlight efforts of the College of Education at Purdue University to “internationalize” the teacher education curriculum. This includes efforts to help students develop global perspectives and cross-cultural competence through extensive study abroad opportunities, a Global Studies Minor, and a new dual licensure pathway focused on preparing students to work effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse students. Dr. Wright will highlight his experience leading pre-service teachers on a study abroad experience in Cambodia which includes close collaborations with a local Cambodian university and international schools. 

Keynote for Applied Linguistics Symposium

February 25th
In this presentation, Dr. Wayne E. Wright presents his research examining the Cambodian government’s adoption and expansion of a Multilingual Education (MLE) program for speakers of different indigenous ethnic minority languages across five Northeastern provinces. Data include MLE policy documents and curriculum, observations in MLE schools, and interviews and focus groups of NGO staff, government officials, MLE Core Trainers, local MLE teachers, and school board members. He also analyzes the nature of Khmer and indigenous language use and the nature of teaching and learning in the MLE schools and classrooms.  

LPP Lab AAAL/TESOL 2022 Practice Talks
February 25 @ 1 PM
Lab members will present their topics in preparation for their respective conferences. Please come out and support our lab members!!

David  Cassels Johnson

Language Policy and Planning Research Workshop
w/David Cassels Johnson, Ph.D.
University of Iowa